Horse Guided Therapy

You are trained in psychotherapy and want to learn how the horses can become your guides in your therapeutic work. You are a psychologist, psychotherapist or a psychiatrist.

Training to become a Horse Guided Therapist takes approx. 18 months.


The education is build up in an equal and loving collaboration with our horses, we use recent knowledge on how horses are able to pick up information from people, by sensing our micro-body language and resonance.


You learn about horses- and humans nervous systems and how you can understand and translate the information that the horses give to your clients. You will learn how horses can gently guide you and your clients to open up to layers deeper than those we can access  through talking.



The way we communicate with the horses by getting in touch with our own inner lead gives our clients a unique opportunity to work with their self-understanding and self-esteem.


We need to listento the wisdom that lies in our body using intuition as an essential element in our work. Therefore, it is also natural that we continuously investigate and develop our ownintuition and learn how to create a space in which people dare to trust themselves and their feelings. In this way we work with the wholeness of the person, where head and body work together.

As a therapist, it is important to be able to see, sense, feel and hear, what you, the horse and your clients need.


When you work with humans and horses, you must be able to be neutral, see clearly and not be affected by your own projections. The journey to your client’s blockages also causes resonance in you. Therefore, It is important that you embark on this journey yourself.

The horses tell us what we need to know. It requires us to be able to be without any plans, projects or ambitions and without knowing where the session will take us. Only this way we will be able to find guidance.


You must therefore develop your intuition and learn to trust it. You must learn to be confident with the unknown in your therapy sessions.


You will be supported to develop your skills to understand and communicate with horses and people and to apply this knowledge in your therapeutic work.

Certificate from Horse & Humanship

After graduating you will receive a certificate and can call yourself Horse Guided Therapist. With this certificate from Horse & Humanship®, you can continue the work with clients and problem solving that your higher education qualifies you for – now with Horses as Guides.

The education gives admission to Rideterapeutforeningen

Application Process

You can already submit your application for education start March 2019.

You apply by sending a description of (yourself/who you are)and how you would like to use the education. Tell us where you are in life and how you are together with horses. Tell us how you already use horses in your professional career or how you would like horses to become part of your work.


If you have any questions regarding the education, please feel free to contact us by mail:




entry requirements


Once we have received your application, you will be contacted for a personal interview by Skype or phone. Based on this we will let you know if you are admitted to the program.

We look forward to open new doors and teach you how horses can be your guides in therapeutic work.

Dates for English courses will follow soon……

2019 (Danish)

Common Modules for all 3 educations:

7-8 March     – Lead 1
4-5 April       – Lead 2
13-14 May     – Anatomy & physiology in interaction between horse and human w. Claus Toftgaard
5-6-7 June     – Learning, motivation and emotions
27-28 July    – Contact with the Horses asGuides 1
8-9-10 Aug– Contact & safety and Contact with the Horses as Guides 2
5-6 Sept.       – Power Force1
10-11 Oct.     – Power2
7-8-9 Nov.    – With the Horses as Guides Intro

2020 (Danish)

 Horse Guided Therapist

30-31 Jan.      – Horse Guided Therapy 1
19-20 March  – Horse Guided Therapy 2
30 april-1 May  – Horse Guided Therapy 3
18-19 June      – Horse Guided Therapy 4
6-7 Aug.        – Horse Guided Therapy 5
3-4 Sept.       – Exam

Below, you will find an overview of the education modules. Click on the individual module to learn more about the content.

At the bottom you will find Lead 1, the first compulsory module. Follow the arrows to see which modules you will be able to continue with. If you have previously taken lead 1 or 2 at the True Lead Academy you can earn merit.


You can sign up for the entire program and follow through with the other students. Or you can attend the modules one at a time at your own pace, in the order specified in the module overview. It will take a minimum of 6 participants to run the modules.




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