Horse Guided Educator

Horse Guided Educator

You have a minimum of a bachelor degree in social work or health care, and you want to use horses as guides in your professional (work/ career). You are a teacher, social worker, physiotherapist, nurse or the like. Training to become a Horse Guided Educator lasts approx. 12 months.

As a Horse Guided Educator, it is important that you are able to see, sense, feel and hear, what you, your horse and the people you are working with need.

The horses tell us what we need to know. It requires us, to be able to be, without any plans, projects or ambitions and without knowing where the sessions will take us. Only from this place, will we allow the horse to unfold its potential, so that you and the people you work with can be led ways that you could not have imagined. You therefore must develop your intuition and learn to trust it. You also must learn to be confident with the unknown in your work with other people.

When you work with humans and horses, you must be neutral, see clearly and not be affected by your own projections. The blockages in the people you work with, also cause resonance in you. Therefore, It is important that you embark on this journey yourself.

The education will lead you on your way to finding the power in yourself, to be centred in and to stand by yourself. With this power you will be able to master your own life, your feelings and your potentials and you will be able to help others – with horses as guides and as equal partners!

Certificate from Horse & Humanship

After graduating you will receive a certificate and can call yourself Horse Guided Educator. When you are educated in Horse & Humanship, you can work with the citizens/students and the problem solving that your bachelor degree qualifies you for – now with Horses as Guides.

The education gives admission to Rideterapeutforeningen.


Horse Guided Educator as well as Learning- and activity Instructor

23-24 Jan.    – With Horses as Guides 1

5-6-7 March –With Horses as Guides 2

2-3 April    – Exam


Beneath you find an overview of the moduls of the educations. Click each mogul, to know more about the content.

Beneath you find Lead 1, which is the first mandatory modul. Hereafter you follow the arrows, to see which moduls you can attend.

You can sign up for the whole education and follow the other students. Or you can sign up each module in your own tempi.





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